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Dog Dental Care Tips

February 26, 2019

If you are a conscientious and caring owner, you will want to pay special attention to ensuring that your dog is as healthy as possible.

However, it is not just his body that you will need to pay attention to. Dental care is important if your dog is to maintain healthy, functional teeth, but it can also impact your canine's overall health and wellbeing. This is because dental diseases have been linked to various other medical problems, ranging from diabetes and heart problems to respiratory infections and even cancer.

Your pet dentist in Atlanta, GA is the best person to support you in ensuring that your canine's teeth are as healthy as they can be. In the meantime, here are our top tips for dental care for your darling doggy.

Brush Your Dog's Teeth as Often as You Can

You might be surprised to discover that brushing your teeth isn't something that is just for humans. Since your dog also uses his teeth for eating, he is just as likely to accumulate plaque and calculus across them. These look like yellowish-brown deposits that are most often found on the outer face of the teeth close to the gum line. Left untreated, they can harden which makes them significantly harder to remove. For this reason, it is recommended that you brush your dog's teeth as often as you can. Daily is optimal, but as a minimum, you should aim to clean them as thoroughly as you can at least once per week.

Use the Right Equipment for Taking Care of Your Dog's Teeth

Brushing your dog's teeth is only effective if you use the right tools for the job. Failure to do so could see you actually causing damage to your canine's teeth, or even poisoning him. Although there are special pet toothbrushes available, you can use a small, round-headed human variety and find that it works just as well. However, make sure you choose one with soft bristles as anything too harsh could make his gums sore and damage the enamel on the outside of his teeth. When it comes to choosing toothpaste, you must opt for a pet-specific variety since human toothpaste contains ingredients that can be extremely harmful if consumed by animals.

Offer Dental Treats

Dental treats and even chew toys can be extremely beneficial for your dog's dental health. This is because they encourage saliva production, which helps to combat acids that can damage your pet's teeth and they wash away food debris that can interact with bacteria in your dog's mouth and cause plaque and calculus to form.

Attend Regular Dental Assessments with Your Pet Dentist

Many owners take their dogs for annual wellness checks but overlook the importance of regular dental assessments. Much like a wellness check, these assessments provide your pet dentist with an opportunity to evaluate the condition and health of your dog's teeth. If any problems are developing, early diagnosis and prompt treatment can prevent your furbaby from suffering from debilitating symptoms and serious dental and general health issues.

Get Your Dog's Teeth Professionally Cleaned

A professional dental clean is a superior version of brushing your dog's teeth at home and should be performed in addition to his usual oral hygiene routine rather than instead of it. It normally takes place while your pet is under the effects of a general anesthetic. This helps to ensure that your canine pal is fast asleep, will not experience any pain or stress, and will be totally still for the duration of the procedure. This makes it far safer for him and your pet dentist since sharp instruments are used to remove the stubborn plaque and calculus that will have accumulated on his teeth.

Looking for more tips to ensure that your dog's teeth are as healthy as they can be? We are committed to helping our patients enjoy the best possible dental and general health and wellbeing. Don't hesitate to contact our experienced vets and pet dentistry team at our animal hospital in Atlanta, GA. Please call (404) 584-8761 to speak with one of our vets in Atlanta, GA.